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image of puree drizzled on bowl of gronola and yogurt

The gel-free energy gel

OK, we know we're taking a risk here. Endurance athletes are more familiar with the term 'energy gel.' But, we don't want to call our product a gel, because:

  • Our texture is different.
  • Our ingredients are different.
  • Our nutrients are different.
  • Our absorption is different.

In other words, you get delicious, natural, nutrient-dense, steady energy. We think 'PURÉe' is more appropriate.

Fuel with Food
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    Real Food

    All the things you want from your food, and none of the stuff you don't. Our purées are made with organic, gluten-free and vegan ingredients. Because Mother Earth already did the hard work for us.

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    Only 2.5% of sports nutrition is made targeted for women, despite physiological differences. So we're focused on what works for women. (But fellas, you can enjoy too!) Because it's about time.

    A Sex-Specific Approach 
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    GI Friendly

    High glycemic sugars can cause blood sugar spikes and crashes, and slow digestion. So we only use low- and mid-glycemic index ingredients, for a steady state of energy. Because endurance sports are hard enough.

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image of female athlete eating an energy puree
  • What's in this that makes it 'For women'?

    It's less about what's in it, and more about what's not. We took out the high-glycemic sugars; the artificial ingredients, colors and flavors; and the preservatives. Our ingredients are all organic and vegan. We want women to feel safe consuming our products at any age or stage, including while pregnant, breastfeeding or going through menopause.

  • Why do men and women need different fuel?

    Women and men utilize carbs, fats and proteins differently. Women oxidize proportionally less carbohydrates, more fats and less leucine (an amino acid) than men. Additionally, women can be more sensitive to glucose and have slower gastric emptying (the time it takes for food to move from the stomach to the small intestine). We think fuel should accommodate these differences.

  • Can men use Levelle products?

    Yes! Our products are safe for everyone. We specify that our products are made for women, not because they aren't made for men, but because most products don't prioritize women (only 2.5% of sports nutrition targets women). Women's physiology and consumer needs are our main focus, but we think our purées offer a delicious and nutritious energy boost for everyone.